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A Bit of History


Grant Herrington Bulldozing

The gravel pit first opened in the 1920s with gravel being loaded out by horse and buggy to build Townsend line. Then in 1958 Grant and Eileen Herrington bought and ran the gravel pit with just a bulldozer and a single-axle dump truck. With a lot of long hours, hard work, and determination their business grew, especially once Grant's son Ernie joined the company in 1985 soon after Ernie joined he and Grant recognized that there was a growing demand for more modern septic systems so they grew the business to include the design and installation of septic systems, something we still do to this day. Grant worked loading gravel out of the pit until he was 91 years old. Grant finally retired in 2014 satisfied that he had passed his expertise and work ethic on to his son and grandkids. 

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Ernie Herrington Excavating, Trucking & Sanitation

In 1985 Ernie took over the company and renamed it Ernie Herrington Excavating, Trucking & Sanitation. Ernie continued to build off what Grant had started by expanding into sanitation services with a couple of portable toilets and a pump truck but eventually, the excavating side of the business grew too busy and the sanitation side of the business closed. Ernie's son Lee joined the business full-time in 2011 and together they have expanded the gravel pit twice, as well as purchased many more pieces of equipment to allow them to take on more projects. After Grant retired in 2014 Ernie's daughter Alli also began working for the company, running the pit around her post-secondary schooling. 

Herrington Excavating 

Now in 2023 Lee has taken over the company from Ernie and renamed it to Herrington Excavating, a name that acknowledges that this is a business truly run by a family, with Alli now working full time in the office and both Lee's wife and Alli's husband greatly involved with the company. Lee is just as passionate about growing the company as his father and grandfather, proved by his more recent purchase of a crusher so they can now offer crushing/recycling along with an extensive list of other services. With the 65th anniversary of the company this year, the third generation's goals for the future are to keep serving southwestern Ontario as a hardworking and reliable family-run business for the next 65 years.
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